Webinar: Strategies for a successful market entry into Germany – for medical technology companies (SMEs)

24 February 2021 | 03:00-04:00 p.m.

The German healthcare market is by far the largest in Europe. But what makes it so interesting and what should be considered in strategic marketing and sales in order to be successful?

With the Mazars webinar series on medical devices and digital services for the healthcare market, all economic actors (manufacturers, distributors, importers, operators and users) receive valuable information on the regulatory requirements as well as the legal and economic framework conditions of the German healthcare system.

In our first webinar “Strategies for a successful market entry into Germany – for medical technology companies (SMEs)” on 24.02.2021 from 03:00-04:00 p.m. our experts explain what should be considered in strategic marketing and sales in order to be successful on the German market, one of the most competitive markets in Europe. How can you position your own product? What options can you choose for your product or distribution strategy? Our experts will explain the characteristics of the German market, point out possible obstacles and give advice on how to master them. Practical examples will be included.

The webinar will be organized in cooperation with Ms Maria Klaas, the owner of Klaas consulting, a management consultancy for marketing, sales and business development throughout Europe, aimed at small and medium-sized medical technology companies (SMEs).

We look forward to welcoming you to our webinar!

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