Coronavirus (COVID-19): We are here to help you!

The rapid spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has presented every business with extraordinary challenges when it comes to personnel, social and economic issues in a very short space of time. As of now, it is difficult to predict just how far-reaching the effects of the crisis will be. However, it is clear that it will have serious consequences for businesses and for our society as a whole. Economists at leading universities are warning of a deep recession.

In order to overcome these challenges and be as prepared as possible for the threat of a downturn, businesses must quickly take effective measures. We can help you navigate your way through the crisis safely and enjoy sustained success on the other side of it.

On this website you will find material specifically for non-German-speaking decision-makers who want to gain a better understanding of the developments in connection with the current German legal situation in times of the Corona crisis.

Labour Law

The Q&A on the most important labour law issues provides you with answers to central questions from employers in connection with the Corona pandemic.

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Short-term work

You are looking for response options to order declines due to the Corona crisis: short-term work might be a useful instrument against imminent job cuts. Our Q&A provides you with the most important information around short-term work.

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Tax measures to ensure liquidity

Which measures can be immediately taken by entrepreneurs of self-employed taxpayers? Read more about deferral of tax payments, adjustment of tax prepayments as appropriate instruments to bridge liquidity crisis.

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Which VAT options do I have for ensuring liquidity in the case of value added tax?

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Transfer prices in times of Covid-19

During this global pandemic, companies should urgently review their existing transfer pricing models in order to reassess transfer pricing risks, take appropriate countermeasures in the short term and find efficient solutions for compliance.

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Mastering financial challenges

The coronavirus has taken you by surprise and is posing major financial challenges for your company. Our knowledgeable banking and restructuring team is on hand to offer its many years of expertise and provides you with practical support from short-term liquidity planning to scenario and stress analyses for application for state aid.

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Covid-19 checklist

In order to successfully maneuver your company through the Covid-19 crisis, we consider the immediate initiation and implementation of effective measures in the areas of crisis management, employees, liquidity and value creation as essential. We have developed a pragmatic checklist that will support you in this process.

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Dealing with Covid-19 as a privately owned business 

Operating in unknown territory, leaders of entrepreneurial and privately owned businesses must proactively deal with this crisis by focusing on their exposure to risk, their interdependence and their eligibility to receive government support.

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Privately owned businesses are fighting for survival: they need support more than ever

Privately owned businesses that are exposed to drastic changes in consumer behaviour and revenue decline, which are the backbones of economies and the employers of millions, face a fight for survival. It is vital that these businesses face up to the risks posed by the virus and its consequences.

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Crisis management planning to navigate Covid-19

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the challenges for privately owned business are going to last longer, and cut deeper, than anyone anticipated. By understanding the broader context of the pandemic on demand and supply over the next 12 months, however, businesses can make sure they are in the best possible position to survive and resume operations as the situation returns to normal - albeit a ‘new normal’.

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Internal Audit during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis

To what extent do I, as an internal auditor, have to adjust my company's risk management in the Corona crisis? Which risk groups are important in the current situation in order to consider the entire spectrum of immediate risks? Read the recommendations and practical suggestions our international internal audit and risk management experts have compiled for you and download the paper.

We invite you also to watch the webinar recording of our panel of internal audit and risk management experts discuss the role of Internal Audit during and post the Covid-19 crisis.

Although acute measures are urgently needed, you should also invest time in a business model analysis. What will happen after the crisis? How will ordering and shopping habits, altered supply chains, established (out-)sourcing solutions and other significant changes impact my previous operational model? What changes are likely with regard to the markets, products and customer behaviour that my business model is based on, and what strategic considerations do I already need to think about in this context?

We will provide further relevant content for you on this website in English. Above this you’ll find a lot more information on all relevant topics on our German Covid-19 website.

We are here to help you!

Why Mazars?

As a trusted advisor and partner we are always there to help you with all our expertise and experience, never more so than in these turbulent times:

  • We will help you protect your employees and secure your liquidity and company results to the greatest possible extent.
  • We have a cross-functional focus on developing and securing value creation, and will prepare you for growth following the recession and help you benefit from catch-up effects.
  • Together with you, we will draw up the measures that are necessary right now, establish an effective crisis management plan and support you in implementing it in a strategic way. We always prioritise maintaining your scope for manoeuvre and your flexibility in all functional areas.

Any questions?

Contact us! Feel free to contact our experts by phone or use the online form to request a call back.

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